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Runestone House


                                                      News Flash!  We've sold!


The new owners are Grace and Cecil Russell.  For the time being they will retain the name we had for the B&B:  Jenny's Runestone House, as well as the same phone number:  709-623-2811 or toll free: 877-865-3958.  It may be a while before they have the B&B up and running, but give them a shout to know for sure.  You will not be able to reach them via this website.  They can let you know other means of contacting them. 


Welcome to Jenny's Runestone House. Canada Select tells us that a Bed and Breakfast is a private home where guests are welcomed. We are not a hotel. The distinction is important. David and I have opened our home to tourists because “we loves company,” as they say around here. Plain and simple. A couple who stayed with us made the observation that ours is an emotional investment. They were correct. We happen to be in one of the most gorgeous spots on earth, with lots of ocean around us and a wonderful absence of anything urban. When we compare our surroundings with pictures taken at the time of the famous archaeological excavations, there is almost no increase in the number of buildings. The entire population of Hay Cove could fit into a life boat.


We take great joy in sitting down with our guests to exchange thoughts and ideas. People are so interesting and we share much – often over a glass of wine in the evening. Breakfast is a wonderful catalyst for this. Whenever possible we try to join our guests for the meal, but in any case, when people linger at table because they have connected with each other, and the conversation is dynamic, then we know that our goals as hosts are being achieved. This is also why we do not indicate a specific check-out time, but simply state that it is “after breakfast.”


The two of us are from Ontario but we are very enthusiastic ambassadors for Newfoundland. We love this province and never tire of encouraging people to be sure to see and experience as much as possible while they're visiting The Rock. We are thrilled to be so close to the Viking ruins and we feel a sense of the presence of these first Europeans who roamed over our very backyard a millennium ago.


 About our name ... Runes are the letters of the early Norse alphabet used by the Vikings.  A runestone was usually erected to commemorate people or events, and often combined words and images on the same



Wake up to the sound of ocean waves in one of our three bedrooms or our suite. Bedrooms include single,  double and queen beds, with private  bathrooms.

Nature and Culture

The majestic and wild beauty of Northern Newfoundland is visible in every direction at Jenny's.  You will be amazed by the endless exploration opportunities available at our doorstep.



Jenny's Runestone House is the perfect choice of B&B while you are visiting L'Anse aux Meadows, home of the historic UNESCO world heritage site.  The B&B is located in a tiny harbour called Hay Cove, an easy walk to the location of the archaeological dig where the Viking ruins were unearthed.

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