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About Us

Newfoundland Hospitality at its best.


Jenny's Runestone House was previously Marilyn's Hospitality Home. The current hosts, Jenny and David, endeavor to provide generous service to their visitors. 


Jenny has a background in music, French-language studies, spirituality/monasticism.  The spectacular natural surroundings are very conducive to prayer and meditation.  Jenny's cooking skills are greatly enhanced by her own love of good food!


David is an artist-craftsman who has specialized in museum exhibits since 1966.  He has created Thorfinn Studio as a summer workshop where he will (finally!) have time to do his own sculpture and metalwork.  Adjoining the studio is a small gift shop which will exhibit work by various artists, Viking-style jewelry, and even some antique Japanese artifacts (David's expertise).


Jenny's Runestone House is open to visitors from June 1st until September 30th.


All fees include a nutritious and hearty breakfast each morning.


Payment options:  cash, e-transfer


 CHECK-IN:  optimistically after 3 pm

 CHECK-OUT:  after breakfast











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