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Our house is unsophisticated; the guest rooms do not have TV's or refrigerators – in fact we have no television service at all. Our old television has come in handy for showing videos during storms – especially to children. We do have wifi, and it works well. Sometimes wild weather will knock out service in the whole region, but for the most part it is fast and reliable. We recently learned from the former owners that the wall paper in two of the rooms was still looking good ... after some 40 years. We love the fact that fisher-folk lived in this house and made their livelihood from the sea – that is, until the moratorium on cod fishing made this impossible. It was a real home. It continues to be a home – ours, and you are welcome to be part of it.


Jenny's Runestone House offers three bedrooms and a suite, each with either a full or partial view of the ocean.  All prices include a full breakfast in the morning.  Please read the information below and contact us for availability and any further questions.








              Rooms with a queen bed (3)


             Each of these lovely bedrooms consists of a queen bed with a private, ensuite bathroom. 

  The Burgundy - $139                                  The Green  -  $139                            Lower Ocean View - $129      


Our suite:  the Pink and the Yellow Rooms


In addition to the queen-bed rooms, we have a small suite consisting of two pretty and quaint bedrooms which share a bathroom.  While not ensuite, the bathroom is private - located across the hall from the bedrooms and is reserved for our guests occupying the suite.  The two bedrooms are side by side with a door between them.  They include a room with a double bed and a room with two twin beds. The cost of the suite per night is $159.  This is popular with families.  


Price:  $159










                            The Pink Room                                                        The Yellow Room




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